Aceway Software


Moneyman is core banking system software.

Elements of core banking include:
  •  Opening new accounts.
  •  Making and servicing loans.
  •  Processing cash deposits and withdrawals.
  •  Processing payments and cheques.
  •  Calculating interest.
  •  Managing customer accounts.
  •  Establishing criteria for interest rates, account types, terms etc.
  •  Establishing and changing interest rates.
  •  Renewing or closing term deposits on maturity.
  •  Maintaining records of all transactions.
  •  Audit Requirements: Who did what and when.


Aceway Money Manager
Known as Moneyman

Aceway Moneyman is primarily banking software for a
development fund,
not-for-profit organization,
and more
deposit taking (savings),
loan issuing
and re-investments in the money market.

It scales from a very small system with a few accounts to a larger system with many accounts.

Aceway Software and Moneyman combines years of experience with modern techniques to deliver high quality solutions.