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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
This page is under development as part of expanding Moneyman's online help.

What is the difference between Moneyman Windows Desktop and Moneyman Online?

This is best answered by the Moneyman product summary. See the Moneyman Product Summary here. >>

Does Moneyman do shares and property?

NO. Moneyman is Cash Management. We do one thing and do it in the best possible way. Moneyman is flexible and is a two way system. That is, Deposits-In and Deposits-Out. It deals in cash. Not shares or property or other financial derivitaves. Having said that, there are many variations of CASH. Such as, Call and Fixed, Bonds, Growth and Loans or Cash Investments.

Does Moneyman scale from small to large requirements?

YES. Moneyman is scalable. The online version is particularly suited to small to mid-sized systems for a low cost. The desktop version scales to a larger system. Both versions offer similar functionality.