Aceway Software


Moneyman is both Desktop and Cloud Software

Moneyman Common Features


* Easy to use menu
* A menu that allows for different levels of user access
* Multi-level Logons
* Logons for many staff
* Logons for broker/parishes/agents
* Logons for Clients
* Manage your own logons
* Easy access to Help
* Link from the menu to your own web site e.g. for procedures and your own additional help
* Flexible print file management
* Print files can be plain text for maximum outputs or graphical
* Activity logging or Audit controls to show who did what and when
* Deposit-Taking system for Call, Fixed, Bonds and Growth Terms
* Loans system for Loans from clients
* Ability to have custom changes
* Ability to have custom interfaces for third party operators who like to link investments from various sources.
* Lower cost of training for new staff
* Only one computer programming language is used for both desktop and online
* Common routines mean that critical background processes are the same for all operating platforms
* Only one data base is used and is common to both desktop and online
* Moneyman understands multi-client, multi-tenant and multi-database
* Website cookies are not used
* The Aceway Method behind Moneyman delivers greater simplicity and lower cost of ownership

Moneyman Windows Desktop Software

Benefits of Desktop Operation

* Greater security on your own network
* Web Services are available for limited client access
* Keep it local only or expand and offer Web Services
* This means you can have local control and access and still offer remote or online access to clients

Moneyman Online Cloud Software

Please note that Moneyman Online does not have all the features of the desktop version.

Benefits of Cloud Operation

* Lower cost of ownership
* Lower cost of delivery of services
* Run anywhere, anytime
* Zero installation on your network

Moneyman Cloud Hybrid is a combination of both Desktop and Online Cloud Software

Why is this an advantage?

Moneyman software understands two very different modes of operation and can combine both the local network and online access.

Benefits of a combined Desktop and Cloud Operation

* Security of private hosting
* Lower cost of ownership
* Lower cost of delivery of services
* On-Premise installation combined with a cloud portal